Corporate Fleet Trucks LinedWe are pleased to extend our VIP Commercial Fleet Registration Program to all Ohio commercial vehicles. This program was developed to assist you with the time-consuming process of renewing your commercial vehicle registrations. The VIP Commercial Fleet Vehicle Registration Program includes free pick-up and delivery of all of your commercial registrations.

To take advantage of the Commercial Fleet Vehicle Registration Program please follow the 3 simple steps below

  1. Call (330) 929-6469 ext. 7
  2. Schedule a date and time for pick up: Please have all of the vehicles’ information ready for us to pick up on this date.
  3. Schedule a processing date: This is the day in which we will process all of your registrations. Your registrations will also be returned to you on this day. We must have your check upon delivery of your registrations. If your company needs time to request a check from another office please let us know before we process any of your registrations.

Intra-Company Vehicle Indentification Codes

If your company uses a specific code or number to identify individual vehicles, please let us know so that we can input them on the appropriate registration.

Fleet Services

The Cuyahoga Falls License Bureau offers free pick-up and delivery service for our fleet customers. Please refer to the services links or call and ask about our complete package of license services, fingerprinting/ background checks, driving records, and title services

To help expedite your renewal process you may also send your registrations electronically by:

  1. E-Mail- [email protected]
  2. Fax- Please fax plate numbers to 330-929-2005. Please remember to include a name and call-back number on your fax.